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Which is the information gathered?
SECI service s.r.l. saves solely and exclusively the data provided by the user, indispensable data for the account registration. All data is inserted by the user himself/herself for the registration to the website and also for the newsletter acceptance. All data about payment (credit card and/or online accounts) is handled exclusively by bank establishments on their own secure server. SECI service s.r.l.'s "Masasette Luxury Villa" doesn’t register any above-mentioned data.
Who is gathering the information? With which purposes?
SECI service s.r.l. gathers the data that allows the user to enter in the website and the products’ pursuit on sell on the e-commerce www.masasette.com in order to simplify the pursuit process, to access to the order history and to manage the shipment’s addresses. These data can be cancelled/modified in any moment from the user in his/her account’s management area.
SECI service s.r.l.'s "Masasette Luxury Villa" uses the data provided by the user and the related cookies (cookies’ regulation) for the following purposes:
- Marketing and re-marketing through Facebook Ads, Google AdWords and Google Shopping;
- Advertising Newsletter about solely website www.masasette.com ;
Is this data transfered or spread to a third party?
Solely if an order has been done, SECI service s.r.l.'s "Masasette Luxury Villa"  transfers the client’s data to Maior di R. Maiorino & C. SAS as management platform provider on which the e-commerce is settled. SECI service s.r.l.'s "Masasette Luxury Villa"  pledges that no data is transfered to any other third-party. In case that the user’s payment is through Paypal’s platform, the shipment address is communicated to Paypal, in order to meet the security criteria requested by the platform itself.
Is the data management system safe?
All data saved on the server respond to the highest security standard. SECI service s.r.l.'s "Masasette Luxury Villa"  and Maior di R. Maiorino & C. SAS pledge to constantly protect and maintain safe all data, not allowing its access to external company or unauthorized people.
Information retention time
Data provided by the user will be stored in SECI service s.r.l.  website www.masasette.com ‘s database until user cancel him/her account himself/herself or the website manager cancels it by the user.
How do I cancel my information from the website?
SECI service s.r.l.'s "Masasette Luxury Villa"  and Maior di R. Maiorino & C. SAS pledge the “Right to Oblivion” established by the
European Union regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).   User will be able to decide to cancel his/her account and/or the newsletter subscription in any moment by entering in his/her account. The historic information provided by the user will be immediately cancelled as it will be cancelled also his/her profile. The only track that will be kept is the information about orders made by the client on the website www.masasette.com, which are essential for the electronic commerce regulations.  

Masasette is a product of SECI service s.r.l.

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