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In the hope that our fabulous Amalfi Coast will offer our guests a lifetime's dream, Masasette's staff has thought of many opportunities for you to enjoy during your stay in our Villa, so that your long-awaited dream may finally come true ... also thanks to our wonderful staff!

Included in your stay
Porter Service For Your Luggace
Our staff will take care of picking up your luggage at your arrival and your departure, so that the fabulous stairways which are so typical of the Amalfi Coast may become a slow pleasure for you to enjoy rather than an annoying stress.
Our Manager will help you with your check-in operations and, above all, provide you with all the information you may need for your stay. We are delighted to introduce you to the spaces and opportunities that Masasette Luxury Villa will offer you during your holiday
Our Booking staff will accompany you throughout your stay, helping you capture all the best opportunities Masasette and the Amalfi Coast can afford with many services devoted to your relaxation, excursions, taste and fitness. Our staff will also be available to provide you with any other useful information on the services available in Praiano, from a simple reservation at the restaurant of your choice to a support request due to a medical emergency
Our housekeeper is at your disposal daily, except on Sundays, from 09.00 am to 11.00 am. Without intruding on your privacy and in order for you to immediately enjoy the splendid sunshine of the Amalfi Coast, our housekeeper will make your beds, clean and refresh your bathrooms and replace linen and towels during your week
For those guests preferring autonomy and independence in using our laundry, Masasette makes a latest generation washing machine available for your use
Like any villa worthy of its name, Masasette has its own kitchen at your complete disposal. For safety reasons, the hob is powered by electricity, rather than gas, but with no consequence on the quality of your cooking and the tastiness of your dinners. Moreover, besides being a great host, our manager is also a very good chef who can share his experience and fascinating enogastronomic creativity with you on your request
All Masasette Luxury Villa's interior and exterior areas offer wi-fi coverage with fast Internet connection. So you can always remain connected with your devices throughout your stay and, even just by surfing the internet, you can discover new beauties of our Amalfi Coast to plan your next adventures
Telephone Switchboard
Furthermore, considering the very large spaces in our villa, we decided to equip the Villa with a switchboard that will allow quick and easy communication between you, who might be relaxing in the swimming pool outside, for instance, and whoever stays inside. In addition, unlike many other villas, Masasette has chosen to equip its guests with an active telephone line you can always use both for ordinary urban and emergency calls. International calls are not operational
Air Conditioning
Although the 18th-century walls of Masasette are so solid that they always provide a pleasant temperature inside, even in the most torrid moments of summer, all of our interior spaces are perfectly air conditioned in order to make your stay more comfortable. Our staff will tell you how to activate and deactivate air conditioning in each single space of the villa
Satellite TV
We hope that your stay will always be aimed at living our outdoor spaces and visiting the beautiful and pleasant places of the Amalfi Coast. Yet, if you do not want to lose contact with what's happening in the world, we offer our satellite TV-SAT service via TVs located in our two suites and in the main room which tune into mainstream channels of information in English, French, Spanish, and German. Our staff will show you how to use the TVs available in the villa
In our villa we cannot afford to neglect and must not miss the magic of music. Especially when our stage is Positano's skyline and the island of Capri, Masasette Luxury Villa offers its guests two hi-fi facilities located on the first floor in the suite and on the ground floor in the main room. Our staff will show you how to use them and, above all, how to enjoy your comfort while respecting the privacy of the guests in the surrounding villas
Like in any modern hotel, the two suites on the first floor and on the ground floor provide safes for you to store and safeguard your values
Swimming Pool
Our swimming pool is available for your exclusive use from 08.00 am to 20.00. Our housekeeper will supply you with bath towels for our sun loungers. Our gardener and pool attendant will be at your disposal to help you arrange your sun loungers and umbrellas
Mosquito Control
Those who choose the Amalfi Coast in the summer must often fight against mosquitoes and insects. Masasette is very much concerned about the comfort of its guests and it is therefore equipped with a statutory system for the disinfestation of outdoor spaces from insects and animals, the only unappreciated guests in our villa
Masasette is very much concerned about the safety of its guests. In fact, fire extinguishers are installed and available in case of fires. We also provide an emergency lighting system in case of an electric black-out, a modern closed-circuit video surveillance system, and a phone line inside the villa is always active for any emergency
Pos Service
Unlike many other villas but like many hotel facilities, Masasette has chosen to provide its guests with a POS service for the payment of your stay and the purchase of all extra services through the simple and practical use of a credit card. Accepted circuits are AMERICAN EXPRESS, MAESTRO, VISA, MASTERCARD, and JCB
Extra Services available in the Villas
Extra Housekeeping
Our housekeeper is at your disposal every day to provide additional cleaning services or domestic assistance in the kitchen. On your specific request it is also possible to have an extra change of linen and towels.
Our laundry service is available to help you wash your clothes. On request and in accordance with your needs, garments to be washed will be picked up and returned in the villa, after having been properly washed and ironed.
Every Day at Home
If you do not want to miss the pleasure, even on vacation, of reading your favourite newspaper, you can request that it be delivered directly to the villa every day, after checking its availability at our trusted newsstand.
Grocery Delivery Service
If you need total relaxation, but you do not want to give up on the pleasure of cooking your favourite dishes yourself, you can receive your own food and drinks directly in the villa. Just give us the list of what's needed and in a matter of hours everything will be available.
Breakfast in the Villa
Our housekeeper is at your disposal to prepare and serve you a wonderful and abundant breakfast every day to savour on our terraces with the Galli Island as a splendid background. Unless specifically requested by you, our breakfast will be continental with a nice sweet and savoury mixture with fresh milk, coffee and fruit juices.
Light lunch in the Villa
Why not bask in the sun and pool relaxation with a pleasant half-day snack? Masasette offers you the chance to taste a light lunch with salad, cold pasta and lots of fruit. All of this will be accompanied by juices, soft drinks and prosecco.
Aperitif at Sunset
What's better than a cool cocktail or a champagne flute watching the red sunset behind the Sorrento Peninsula mountains? Masasette and its staff will have you experience one of the most evocative emotions ever in front of the most striking natural scenery in the entire Amalfi Coast.
Chef in the Villa
Masasette is also a great opportunity for our guests to encounter the tastes and flavours of our Italian food and wine culture. Our chef Baldassarre is at your disposal to guide you in this fantastic journey while suggesting his gourmet menus and fine wines. For this wonderful experience, Masasette will make its renowned and precious Vietri pottery available for you, which will be set on refined tablecloths inspired by our nautical tradition. All of this illuminated by the magical moonlight of Italian nights and our warm Masasette candles.
And after an intense day spent at the beach or hiking, it's time to unwind completely. You can take advantage of our massages and relaxing treatments. Our chill-out guru is at your complete disposal to take your senses to a magical and unique dimension of relaxation accompanied by our music, our perfumes and, last but not least, under the amazing hues of Praiano's sunsets.
Masasette is not just relaxation but also an opportunity to stay in perfect shape or to find out how to get to your perfect shape. Our personal training team will study the best fitness program for your needs by offering various types of outdoor workout (functional, cross training, pilates, TRX, fitbox) and water workout (aquagym boxing splash, aquafitness). Well-being will be ensured by the wonderful backdrop of our Masasette Luxury Villa's garden and swimming pool framed by the beautiful colours of the early morning hours or the wonderful and memorable sunset in Praiano.
Concerto in Villa
The Amalfi Coast, particularly Ravello and Positano, offer many opportunities for you to listen to great music. However, on request, Masasette can bring good music to you by organizing a nice and exclusive piano bar that might accompany a special event to celebrate directly in the villa: any birthday or anniversary with our good music, great food and wonderful setting of Masasette could turn into an unforgettable memory of the Amalfi Coast and Italy for good.
Shopping in villa
Why not leave and take a wonderful memento of the experiences lived in our Villa away with you to savour anywhere and anytime? Enter our online Masasette Emporium to purchase some of our most exclusive products specifically created for our Guests: wines, pottery, and Campania's gastronomic products. Please also contact our experienced Manager for some precious and patient advice.
Extra Services on the Coast
Parking Lot with Car Valet
At your arrival in Praiano, our caretaker will wait for you in the street at your meeting point, he'll take delivery of your car and drive it to our protected and secure car park agreed upon until the day of your departure. Should you need your car during your stay, with a few hours' notice you only have to call our concierge who will contact the car park in order to have your car delivered on the street in a short time. If necessary, you can apply for additional services such as a car wash, a mechanical check of your vehicle and tyres or you can request for your car to be refuelled.
Airport and railway station transfer
Do you need a transfer to Salerno-Costa d'Amalfi, Naples-Capodichino or Rome-Fiumicino airports? Or to Salerno, Napoli Centrale, Roma Termini, Roma Tiburtina railway stations? Masasette will entrust you to its loyal chauffeur who will accompany you, or pick you there to accompany you to Praiano, helping with your luggage and giving you the option of various types of traditional cars or vans.
Electric Taxi
Do you want to go to Positano quickly? Or to the beach at Praia? Maybe you prefer a little excursion? Masasette suggests an electric taxi service that will take you to your destination in a very short time, having you enjoy the pleasure of an ecological walk in the open air. The service is available from 08.00 to 24.00 by reservation.
Chauffeured Car Hire
Do you want to reach Positano, Amalfi, Ravello with the comfort of air conditioning protected from the noisy traffic? Do you want to shop without the anxiety of having to carry heavy and cumbersome shopping bags? Masasette will entrust you to its loyal chauffeur who will accompany you to your favorite destination, helping with your shopping bags and giving you the option of various types of traditional cars or vans.
Car -Bike - Scooter Rental
Do you want to enjoy the pleasure of going on an excursion completely on your own? Masasette's qualified partners can offer you a wide selection of rentals: from bicycles for ecological trails through nature and scooters to ride with the wind in your hair and smell the typical scents in the streets of the coast, to a more comfortable car, should the weather be less benevolent or just because you prefer the comfort of air conditioning.
Beach Service
The Amalfi Coast is mainly sea, sun and relaxation. So, what if for one day you want to leave the beautiful pool in the villa? Masasette offers you the opportunity to take advantage of its beach services thanks to the partnership with the One Fire team at Gavitella.
Boat and dinghy rental
Do you want to enjoy the sun and sea of the Amalfi Coast with greater privacy and freedom? Do you want to discover the many little coves and beaches in our coast that can only be accessed from the sea? You cannot but rent a beautiful boat or a practical inflatable dinghy. Our partners, located on the beach of Praia, will offer you the best solution based on your nautical experience.
Water taxi
Do you want to get around the coast without experiencing the stress of traffic? Amalfi and Positano can be reached by water taxi service from both Praia Beach and Gavitella Beach. Our water taxi service can also take you to small beaches and coves to spend a day at the beach in absolute privacy and tranquillity without the burden of having to rent a boat.
Sea Excursion
The Amalfi Coast is Positano, Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi and so many other places of mythological, historical and panoramic charm. Worldwide renowned places which you cannot miss by staying only in Praiano. In this regard Masasette and its partners offer you various solutions that can best satisfy your time and taste needs.
Fishing Tourism
You may observe the hard work of those who practice professional fishing from afar or you might want to get involved in the life of a fisherman's typical day. You may observe the sea from its surface, or you can decide to immerse yourself into the Amalfi Coast by having the privilege of being guided by real fishermen over seabeds made of traditions handed down for centuries and of legends and stories that have truly come to pass...
Praiano is famous for its spectacular Path of the Gods, a trekking path that starts from the center of the village and will get you to touch the kingdom of eagles with the tip of your finger. Our guide Maurizio is a historical connoisseur of every single step of this trail: a walk with him is equal to a little journey of knowledge among the customs of Praiano's people, tasting the scents of herbs and wild fruits while listening to stories of highwaymen and fishermen sheltered from the sea. Absolutely not to be missed, absolutely a must.
Touristic Excursion
Your stay in Praiano is also a fantastic opportunity to visit, in private excursion, some of the most beautiful and famous places in the world: all in Campania !!! Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples, Vesuvius, Ischia, Caserta, Paestum ...
Food and Wine Routes
Campania is a land of wines, a land of flavors. Why not combine these two specialties into a unique visit to the cellars where wine is produced and preserved. The excellent expertise of our Manager, a wine producer and connoisseur, will have you discover the most beautiful wineries in the area: from the nearest to the farthest ones located in the nearby Furore and Tramonti area or in the more distant Irpinia region. Your experience will be supreme, while also enjoying other products of excellence from our land: from breads to cheeses, from salami to mozzarella, from fruits to typical sweets. And, above all, you'll have the opportunity to visit some production sites such as our delightful pastry and cheese factories.
Restaurant Along the Coast
The quality of our Italian cuisine from Campania is always high whatever you choose. Praiano is rich in so many good and friendly restaurants located in the most beautiful venues in town from the monumental terraces on San Gennaro's cathedral and the panoramic high grounds up town to the beach of Praia, where you can enjoy our famous Mediterranean cuisine or the simple seafood cuisine of ancient fishermen.
Restaurant by the Sea
In the Coast, in Praiano, you can also embark upon another unique experience: sailing moonlit sea waters to end up dining on the beach. With our water taxi service you can reach exclusive restaurants: from the most renowned to the quaintest. Our staff will always advise on the best solution for your needs where your palate is King!
Show - Concerts
The Coast is not just relaxation, there is so much music and entertainment for those who feel like it. The two famous discotheques, the Africana in Praiano and the Music on the Rocks club in Positano are the main venues for a night of good music and tasty exotic drinks while surrounded by the gorgeous backgrounds and landscapes of our Coast. For those who prefer the most renowned classical and symphonic music, nearby Ravello, city of music by definition, will offer you a great selection of concerts and shows.

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